About face wrinkles

The thin wrinkles that progressively settle down on our face are the consequence of a collapse of the epidermic structure of the skin. This weakening is due to the progressive disappearance of two proteins essential to a firm and smooth skin: Collagen and Elastin.

Schema du derme - Collagene et Elastine

Collagen is present in the skin, the cartilages, the bones… It is a glycoprotein produced by the dermis cells and essential to the solidity of the skin. It also allows the skin to heal and to regenerate. The decreasing of Collagen amount is  due to repeated stretching of certain zones of the face (smile, shrug of eyebrow) but also to outside attacks (pollution, scar due to a wound).

As for her, Elastin is responsible for the flexibility of the skin. The impoverishment in elastin has for consequence to increase the volume of the skin, for an often unsightly result (double chin). Furthermore, when the elastin is running out it is replaced by the collagen, which contrary to the latter is not stretchable

Face wrinkles are not exact witnesses of the real age: a study from CERIES (Research Center in Epidermic and Sensory Investigations) revealed that only 44 % of the questioned women belonged to the age category corresponding to their wrinkles; 24 % of them were considered older than they really are, and 28 % would present a younger face.

To prevent you from the permanent discomfort of wrinkles marked on the face and to have a smooth, firm and sensational skin, Biosmose Institute worked on a range of products specially conceived to fight wrinkles.


The golden flakes contained in this revolutionary serum allow an activation of the skin blood circulation, open pores and activate the absorption of two other constituents of the products: Argireline peptids and Hyaluronic Acid.






Ultimate-Lift-Effect-POne of the main components of Skin Tigh is Pepha-Tight, an extract of the microseaweed Nannochloropsis Oculata. Incorporated in the serum in a purified form, Pepha-Tight guarantees an immediate tensing of the skin and a long-term effect thanks to the strengthening of connective tissues which compose the dermis.