Our Story

Biosmose Institute was created in 2000.

Biosmose Institute creates innovative beauty products on a standardized market. We offer a line of unique products "Made in USA" with a french expertise at a very advantageous price.

Indeed, our laboratory makes a point of honor to provide the best quality at affordable prices. In the United States, some of our products such as Ultimate Lift Effect or Bust Volumizer are sold by our competitors up to 3 times more... In France, we are the only ones who sell this kind of products, typically American. Our secret? We support and monitor 100% of the production process up until the shipment of the products through our offices in North Miami Beach.

Biosmose Institute

Our philosophy

A long process of researches, tests and production gave birth to the brand "Biosmose Institute" in the early 2000's.

Always progressing and innovating, Biosmose now brings to the market skincare products that are simple, natural, exclusive and competitive.

Modern women have to lead there professional and personal lives at the same time, always being in a rush and under pressure and therefore need adapted products. Our products are efficient and allow you to get visible and fast results. Biosmose is all about taking care of women and bringing to their skin the best ingredients.

We think that beauty should be available to every woman. Biosmose offers innovative products made of precious ingredients, always at affordable prices. This is why we control the manufacturing process from A to Z and limit marketing costs. Our products speak for themselves, and we count on you to spread the word!

Our goal

Our goal is your beauty !

Our products are designed to bring you complete satisfaction. Care and attention is thoroughly carried out through the production process. We  are always available to answer your questions (fill our contact form!). Follow us on the social networks!

Our definition of quality

BIOSMOSE Institute provides women with high quality products made in the United States. Our innovative substances are developped in certified laboratories and are as powerful and reliable as the most famous brands. Our products are not tested on animals and guaranteed without paraben, to respect your skin. Our packaging is developped by professional designers and combine quality and esthetics.

Where we are

Biosmose Institute is present in the USA, in Europe and soon in South America and Asia. Biosmose skincare products are designed to satisfy every women's needs and provide them with an unique and exclusive experience.

Our product line is adapted to every skin type, hypoallergenic and specially gentle to sensitive skins; they can be used by every women.




The Founder

Mael Chemla, has been interested in women and esthetism since being a teenager.

He decided to live the American dream and come settle to the US and create "Biosmose. He surrounds himself  with professionals such as pharmacists and designers. The cosmetic market was at this time already very competitive in the US, but Biosmose managed to find its niche by offering an innovative skincare line. High-end ingredients are now available to everyone: Hyaluronic Acid, Gold flakes, Collagen, Brown algae, Argireline...



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