Puffy eyes: causes and solutions

Seasonal allergies, Sinusitis, temporary fatigue… The causes of puffy eyes are numerous and varied.

pochesThese various reasons lead to the storage of water and a poor circulation of the blood under the fine skin contouring orbits. It is in the eye contour that the face skin is the finest, most fragile and irrigated by very tiny blood vessels, it is thus more sensitive in comings and goings of liquid flows. A salty dinner or crying before going to sleep can also be responsible for under-eyes bags.

This phenomenon is called osmosis: the water always circulates in the bodies from zones where the salt concentration is low towards zones where this concentration is higher. This principle is true whether the salt comes from the food eaten or poured tears.



A few tips to avoid puffy eyes when waking up :

Oreillers blancs posesChange your sleeping position: the gravity facilitates the movement of fluids and particularly the water within the body. For example, if you sleep on the side, you will probably notice that the skin under the lowest eye is more inflated. Try to sleep on the back, and if possible add a pillow under your neck to raise your head.





ice cubes greyA simple and often effective treatment is to cool down your face: gently wash your face under cold water and insist on the eye contour with small circular massages. You can also wrap ice cubes in absorbing paper and place them delicately over and around your eyes for 5 min. An alternative is to put two spoons 5 min in the freezer and then apply the spoon backs over your eyes.





green teaInfuse two bags of green tea in boiling water and let them cool down at ambient temperature. Lay down and display tea bags on your eyes for 5 – 10 min.






cucumbersThe astringent properties and enzymes contained in cucumber are also effective against puffy eyes. Cut several thick strips of cucumber and place them in the refrigerator for 10 min. Lay down, place a strip of cucumber on each eye for 10 min. Replace by cold strips if those on your eyes get warm. Cold cucumber strips are also an excellent homemade remedy against fine wrinkles under eyes and will help illuminate your complexion.




egg whiteWhisk an egg white, stir in a few drops of lemon juice and apply all over your face. The atringent propreties of egg zhite will help tighten your skin.

For more details on this technique >>http://pinterest.com/pin/414612709415717363/





saltTry to lower your salt daily consumption : don’t automatically add salt to a dish without having a taste before, and prefer homemade and fresh cuisine to ready-to-eat meals.