Stretch Mark Removal Cream That Really Works

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is therefore ideal to use the most preferred skin care products. The best cream to eliminate stretch marks will be found at the Biosmose Institute. This is one of the leading skincare companies that know what is best for your skin.

Common stretch mark problems

Stretch marks are a condition that can affect your appearance and even affecting your confidence. Some skin types are more susceptible to stretch marks than others. Some prominent places that stretch marks appear to include the abdomen, upper arms, thighs, buttocks and also breasts.

Stretch marks show up easily during certain periods of our life like during pregnancy or when we lose/gain weight. Other factors that increase the chances of stretch marks appearing are heredity factors, stress and also changes in physical conditions. Some breast enlargement surgeries also bring stretch marks. When skin is stretched, collagen weakens and the normal production cycle is affected or damaged in some way. This is evidence when scars show under the topmost layer of the skin. The marks usually appear to be pink or red in color. In some individuals, the marks may also appear to be black, blue or purple streaks.

Biosmose has a product that will smoothen out your skin while restoring its natural elasticity. This product is the Stretch Mark Repair. It is a well-defined stretch mark removal cream that dermatologists have a reference for. It contains ingredients like Quinoa extracts and Palmitoyl Tripeptid-5. The latter is best known for stimulating collagen production and increasing of cutaneous cell density in areas applied. Other ingredients of Stretch Mark Repair include Marrubium Vulgare and Panthenol. Both are natural and crucial for skin restoration.

The cream is also great for reducing skin inflammation. This is due to the ingredient called Marrubium Vulgare that is an extract of the daisy plant. It also prevents dryness by providing essential humidity. Panthenol is important as an ingredient because it hydrates the skin and increases elasticity naturally.

Other effects

The use of corticosteroids in heavy doses, either as a first time in life or for long periods of time has also been known to bring about stretch marks. It would, therefore, be wise to avoid this kind of products. Some nutritional deficiencies also come along with stretch marks. A balanced diet will always be important in helping your skin to look and feel healthy.

Most advice that people get about the removal of stretch marks may be false and may also come with huge costs. It is always best to use the referred stretch mark removal cream consistently to get long term effects. Fractional laser treatment as a way of removing stretch marks has been known to cost more due technological issues. It also does not go well with all skin characteristics and has related effects like pain, heat stress, and red skin color in the preceding days. In addition, it has a sunburn sensation that is quite discomforting.